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Are you a freelancer, solopreneur or business owner?

Maybe you're a start-up, or you have a fun side-hustle?

Perhaps your business was shutdown due to Covid-19 restrictions?

Or your company faced a recent downturn?

Whether you're starting out on your business journey,

or you've been around the block a few times,

business is changing, fast.

If you want to get in front of the right audience,

so they can get to know you, like you and trust you,

a professional website and smart digital marketing strategies will help you connect

with those who need your solutions for their problems.

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Looking after businesses in Gippsland and beyond

We live local and love Gippsland!

We love working with other Gippy businesses to help them thrive.

Since our start working with businesses throughout Gippsland,

we've expanded to work with our clients in Melbourne and other parts of Regional Victoria,

as well as businesses in Brisbane and throughout Regional Queensland.

Whether you're a brand new start-up, ready to make a splash,

or an established business, aspiring to grow and expand,

we'd love to work with you!



Here's what our clients have to say about working with Venom:

  • Venom Consulting Client | Dee Traditional Thai Massage
    Working with Kacey from Venom Consulting was an absolute breeze!

    I had been putting off the job of organising a new website for years because it just seem all too difficult.

    I am now kicking myself for not handing it all over to Kacey sooner!

    From the initial meeting that we had with her I knew that we were in good hands and we haven’t been let down, not once!

    I am looking forward to collaborating on more projects in the future with this dynamic team,

    and encourage anyone who is needing a little help on the Advertising / Marketing / IT side of their business,

    then don’t wait as long as I did - contact them now!
    Andrew Mock
    Dee Traditional Thai Massage
  • Venom Consulting Client | Sorensen Cleaning
    The Social Media Marketing Content Planning Workshop held by Venom Consulting was a fantastic learning curve for me and my small business!

    Having this opportunity gave me a real sense of direction for ideas to post on my social media, and planning it so I know what is a great idea to post and when to post.

    I felt like my opinions were heard and that because of doing this workshop, I will have a more organised plan for when to post, what to post & that I ensure I am posting content that relates back to my business.

    Kacey from Venom was an absolute star and gave me so many ideas for content, and spoke to me about my ideas and goals.

    She really is the saviour of Social Media Planning!!

    This was an amazing opportunity and if given the chance to share it with other small businesses I 110% would!!
    Fiona Sorensen
    Sorensen Cleaning
  • Venom Consulting Client | Pure Elegance Boutique
    Thank you to Kacey from Venom Consulting!

    Kacey has been really good to deal with and very quick to respond to changes.

    I don’t feel I’m very tech-savvy, so working with Venom has taken a lot of stress off me!

    I really appreciate everything Kacey has done for my business.

    I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Venom!
    Melinda Wilk
    Pure Elegance Boutique
  • Venom Consulting Client | Tammy Lee Photography
    Thank you for your professionalism, fantastic communication and brilliant service!

    Cannot wait to start our next project!
    Tammy Duran
    Tammy Lee Photography
  • Venom Consulting Client | Gippsland Occupational Therapy Services
    Thank you so much to Kacey from Venom Consulting for taking the time to help me navigate the world of Social Media Marketing.

    Kacey was warm & friendly and really helped me grasp what it was I was hoping to achieve with Facebook Marketing.

    Her depth of knowledge and understanding of my work really helped me consolidate my ideas for 2021.

    Thanks Kacey!
    Suzy Young
    Gippsland Occupational Therapy Services
  • Venom Consulting Client | Glitz Nailz
    I signed up for Latrobe City Council's Business Voucher Program to get some help with Social Media Marketing and had a Social Media Marketing Strategy Session with the lovely Kacey from Venom Consulting.

    Kacey was amazing!

    She spoke to me about how Facebook Marketing works and what kinds of advertising I could do to get my brand out there in front of the right people!

    The session was so educational and Kacey showed her passion and dedication to helping businesses reach their goals.

    She spent more than the allocated time talking to me to learn about my business and goals and gave me so much information to help me get there!

    I look forward to moving forward with my Social Media Marketing strategies and working with Kacey and Venom Consulting to reach my business goals!

    Thanks Kacey!
    Koula Saridis
    Glitz Nailz
  • Scott McKernan
    As a small business owner in Latrobe City, I recently met with Kacey Chong (Venom Consulting) for a Social Media Marketing Strategy Session.

    During this meeting, Kacey identified that I needed to hone in on who my target market is, particularly in regards to their psychographics.

    Having now done this work, I feel more prepared to engage with my target audience online.

    Kacey also filled in my knowledge gaps when it came to Facebook Marketing.

    This consultation was just what I needed!
    Scott McKernan


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