about us


Nothing excites us more than business

We love the spark of the entrepreneur,

the glowing optimism of a new business venture,

the frenzy of the hustle.

We love hearing big ideas,

exploring all the possibilities, and

entertaining the seemingly impossible.

We love creating opportunities out of thin air,

making something out of nothing,

we love the magic of business.


Looking after businesses in Gippsland

We live local and love Gippsland!

We love working with other Gippy businesses to help them thrive.

Whether you're a brand new start-up, ready to make a splash,

or an established business, aspiring to grow and expand,

we'd love to work with you!

Why the name 'venom'?

In the animal kingdom, venom is deployed to protect and defend.

Venom is also what allows a tiny creature to take down a much larger beast.

In the same sense, a professional web presence and smart digital marketing approach is what allows a small business to compete with large corporations.

It's like a secret weapon that allows a small fish to swim amongst the sharks.

'Venom' is what allows you to win.


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